Prof. Badiuzzaman

The project entitled ‘Upgrading pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh’ shortly named as ‘BangFish’ is funded by DANIDA, and collaborated among PSTU, BAU, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, University of Southern Denmark, Technical University of Denmark, Eurofish, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and University of Göttingen, Germany. The aim of the BangFish project was to promote green growth of pangas and tilapia aquaculture in Bangladesh. The project management structure and research activity was divided into 3 work packages (WPs). The knowledge on improved water quality, value-chain functioning in export potentiality and farm economics were covered by WP1, WP2 & WP3, respectively.

The project was launched with a consultation meeting and stakeholders’ conference on 1st June 2015 at Dhaka. All the Bangladeshi and foreign partners participated and exchanged their views on the upgrading strategies of pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh. At that time six PhD students were selected for double degree to be awarded both from UCPH and Bangladeshi Universities through a rigorous interview. The second annual meeting was held at UCPH where the Bangladeshi partners presented their update of experiments, draft- questionnaires with some field level data and few related articles.

The third annual meeting was also held at UCPH, Denmark during 18-21September, 2017. On that occasion, there was an International Refereed Journal Day (IRJD), where all the researchers presented their assigned articles and committed for new articles.  Moreover, a mid-term stakeholders’ conference was held at BAU on 12 November, 2018. The inputs from the experts and stakeholders are taken into consideration in further project plan and research works.

The expected outputs of this project were to publish scientific paper in international refereed journals by PhD students and researchers involved. With this indicator, the project is being succeeded by publishing more than 20 scientific articles and about 8 are in progress to be published. The project contributed for capacity building of the faculty members and researchers of both PSTU and BAU by organizing number of courses, training, and seminar. ‘Scientific Write-shop’ was one of the remarkable events organized to enhance the writing and publishing capacity of PhD students and the faculty members of both PSTU and BAU.

To let people know what we have done during the project period from 2015 to 2020, BangFish organized its Final Stakeholders Conference on 18th January, 2020 at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensigh, where all the European and Bangladeshi partners participated along with the researchers, academician, advisors, PhD students, practitioners, policy makers, and farmers engaged in the field of aquaculture. The research results, were presented by the PhD students and respective researchers in presence of relevant stakeholders from universities, research institutes, industries, private and government policy makers. All these findings along with relevant documentations are uploaded in this BangFish webpage.

Certainly, the research outputs on improved water quality, value-chain functioning in relation to international standard as well as certification, and farm economics in pangas and tilapia aquaculture would contribute to the improvement of food and nutritional security and economic development of Bangladesh. I hope, the ‘Policy Notes’ from BangFish project will highly be considered in formulating future aquaculture policies of Bangladesh.

Finally, I am highly thankful to all the project members from PSTU, and BAU to complete the project as a successful event. My special thanks goes to project manager Max Nielsen and to the European partners from UCPH and other organizations for their contributions towards the successful completion of BangFish project. The PhD students under double degree program of this project also deserve special thanks for shouldering the tireless efforts from data collection to publishing the articles in refereed journals with guidance of their supervisors. I must convey my gratefulness to the authorities of PSTU, BAU, UCPH, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, DoF, BFRI, the funding agency DANIDA and the Embassy of Denmark for their cooperation as and when required. Again, I wish to strengthen the on-going collaboration under such suitable new project addressing the emerging issues prioritized for both European University and Bangladeshi partners.

I wish BangFish project a grand success.

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Professor Badiuzzaman
Department of Economics and Sociology, PSTU