The project includes 3 work packages and the specific objectives of each package are as follows:

For work package 1:

  1. To identify biological and chemical parameters that reduces the water quality for fish.
  2. To identify of inorganic and organic pollutants likely to affect water quality in Pangas and Tilapia aquaculture production systems in Bangladesh.
  3. To know the bioavailability and toxic effects of selected pollutants using indigenous microbial communities and whole-cell bacterial biosensors as eco- toxicological indicators.
  4. To examining the impacts of selected pollutants on Pangas and Tilapia aquaculture production (productivity, meat quality etc.).

For work package 2:

  1. To identify the different marketing level and channel, price formation and transmission of different value chain actors of Pangas and Tilapia fish.
  2. It examine the export potential and demand for Pangas and Tilapia from Bangladesh to international market.
  3. To identify economic values of the implicit price of quality of Pangas and Tilapia through the value chain in Bangladesh.
  4. To identify the mapping of actors, value distribution, logistics and governance structures of the value chain for pangas and tilapia.
  5. Exploration of governance in the value chain of pangas and tilapia in Bangladesh, including power, contract  use, management  and  incentives for quality improvements.


For work package 3:

  1. Examining the cost and benefits analysis of existing pangas and tilapia farming system taking into account the scale of operations.
  2. Exploration and identification of best practice in terms of productivity, efficiency and production risk of pangas and tilapia in Bangladesh.
  3. Examine the economic effects of tenure system and institutional constraints related to input factors of pangas and tilapia farming.
  4. Examining the economic effects of internal farm measures to improve water quality related to input factors and the economic effects of external factors, such as, general water quality, flooding, soil, temperature and spreading of diseases.